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Reservation Pickup


Thank you for choosing {{brand_label}}. This is a friendly reminder of your reservation on {{pickup_date}}.

If you plan to be early or late for your pickup, please give us a call to let us know. This ensures we have a staff member readily available to assist you.

Items Needed for Pickup:

  1. Driver's License for each driver.
  2. Each driver must be above 25 years of age. If the driver is under 25, a driver security deposit will be taken at the time of pickup.
  3. Full Coverage Insurance Verification: Comprehensive Insurance (usually with a $500 deductible or higher) and Collision Insurance (usually with a $500 deductible or higher). If you don't have this insurance, you will need to add it to your policy before pickup or purchase insurance from Rental Cover.
  4. Valid Major US Credit Card in Primary Driver's Name. If paid in full, a credit card will need to be verified at pickup, so please have it available. If planning to use a DEBIT CARD, a security deposit in the amount of your insurance deductible will be taken at the time of pickup.

To streamline the pickup process, if your haven't already please verify your insurance online now by clicking the button below:

Verify Insurance Now

Reservation Details:

Reservation number: {{reservation_id}}
Pickup date: {{pickup_date}}
Return date: {{return_date}}

To view rental terms and conditions, visit: Terms & Conditions

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.